Healthy lifestyle

12 January, 2024

Prepration sour smoothies, tastes which you have not experienced them

Often when we hear the name smoothie, a sweet drink comes to our mind, but you should know that smoothies can be not sweet; For example, […]
9 January, 2024

Properties of tomato juice for a healthy life

To write down the properties of tomato juice, we need a thousand-page notebook, because this estival is very special. To the extent that it seems that […]
9 January, 2024
خواص استارفروت

Star fruit, an edible star

An attractive and beautiful fruit that, after cutting, turns into a five-pointed star; that is why it is known as star fruit. The skin of star […]
6 January, 2024
طرز تهیه رد موهیتو

How to prepare red mojito with the king of red fruits

Red Mojito recipe is stylish, luxurious and exciting as its name suggests. At first glance, you might think that you have to mix mojito syrup with […]
6 January, 2024
خواص آب سیب برای معده

The amazing properties of apple juice for the stomach!

Maybe when you hear or see the word apple, you will remember the forbidden fruit that banished Adam and Eve to the earth; Or maybe you […]
16 December, 2023
طرز تهیه اسموتی با هلو

How to prepare peach smoothie for summer nights

Believe it or not, but the way to prepare a smoothie with peaches is considered to be a nutritious and healthy smoothie for your body and […]
16 December, 2023
طرز تهیه میلک شیک انبه

How to prepare mango milkshake

How to prepare mango milkshake is a special drink that you should watch first and then drink. This drink has a taste that is not like […]
16 December, 2023

Cornel properties for liver, kidney, diabetes

If you like the taste of sweet and sour, you must have tasted the taste of cornel many times. But if you know the properties of […]
16 December, 2023
خواص ماالشعیر

Properties of malt beer that will change your diet

Do you know the properties of malt beer? Undoubtedly, if you were familiar with the properties of this drink, you would not be reading this article […]
12 December, 2023
نحوه نگهداری از آبمیوه سیب

Ways to increase the shelf life of apple juice with a few simple trick

Maybe you are one of those people who, for whatever reason, prefers to use and prepare juices instead of eating fruit. Sometimes the use of fruits […]