A Seed Planted with Hope

Our story is story for growth of a seed till its blooming. Seeds that have thousands of tastes and tales and each has their own rout which finally ends at humans’ smiles of satisfaction. Sunich is that seed which was planted in 1977 and by the lapse of time and after commissioning of its fruit juice plant at Saveh, it continued its activity to present smile and satisfaction to other by creating new tastes.

Today’s life is recognized by a special property which is its speed. All of us know that it is a time-consuming process to prepare fruit juice. Focusing on health and quality of its products, Sunich has tried to provide Iranian families with a product that helps them to enhance their health, while saving their time.

During all these years, Sunich as one of the biggest companies of Alifard Group, has focused on its special mission which include health, quality and innovation. During this period, we have attempted to produce products that have extraordinary tastes as much as they are beneficial for you and children of yours. Products that always remain in hearts of families by creating a different sense.

Leaves and Branches that Grown

In the beginning of its activity, Sunich was only producing fruit juices. But we stayed along Iranian families and tried to fill Iranian tables with various tastes and products as much as we can, by knowing their tastes and preferences. Studies and examinations during these years resulting in offering other kinds of drinks like sparkling fruit juices and malt drink which were unique in terms of quality; because quality is not only our moto, but a goal that we have done our best to attain. Securing international certificates like Quality Management System, Foodstuffs Safety System, Lab Quality Management System, HACCP in hygienic and optimized production conditions are of steps we have taken toward this goal.

And Fruit that Tastes Like Happiness

Maybe reaching this point of quality and offering such products was incredible for many people, but we managed to reach important milestones with diligence and attempts of every people working at Alifard Industrial Group and we welcomed by Iranian families. One of these milestones was commissioning of the second Sunich Factory in Firouzkouh. The production line of this factory is equipped with the state-of-the-art and modern machines and the first nitro hot field production line in the middle east was commissioned at this factory.

This path still continues and what makes us to keep on this rout is to satisfy and make families happy, because there is not joy better than witnessing a generation that is grown up and have memories with tastes of the great Sunich. These memories will remain in our seeds and bloom in our tastes and we are still eager to create health, memory and tastes for you.

International Certificates


Certificate for Food Safety Management Standard
FSSC 22000:2018


Certificate for Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2015


HALAL Certificate


Certificate for USFDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)


Certificate for HACCP (Food Hygiene Management Systems)


Certificate for Competence of Calibration and Testing Laboratories standard of laboratory tests
ISO/IEC 17025:2017


Certificate for Environmental Management System
ISO 2015:14001


Certificate for Safety Management and Occupational Health System
ISO 2018:45001


Certificate for Customers Satisfaction Monitoring & Measurement
ISO 2018:10004


Certificate for Quality Management Customer Satisfaction Complaints Instruction
ISO 10002:2018


Stars that illuminated our way!

Undoubtedly, it is not easy to go through a 45-year path, but any attempt and effort will be fruitful, if it would be honest. During these years, honest efforts of Sunich have always been appreciated. These achieves shine in the history of Sunich as like as stars and give up hope and energy to continue this route.

Statue and plate of Health Apple in 2011
National paragon manufacturing unit in 2010 in producing quality goods, innovation, product variety and customer satisfaction

Acquisition of the Health and Safety Index of the Ministry of Health in 2009
The Golden Apple award in 2008

The Production Efficiency award at the Sixth annual National Production Festival in 2008
Outstanding Quality Unit at the national level for the years 2005, 2008 and 2010 by the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research.
Outstanding Unit of the Country for production of high quality product, innovation, product diversity and customer satisfaction in 2010 and 2018
Achieving National Brand insignia and certificate (Iranian Name and Brand) from Iran Development and Trade Organization in 2016
Achieving honor of Unit of Outstanding Quality in nation-wide level from Industrial Standard and Research Organization in 2004, 2008, 2010, 2013 & 2018
Efficient and Outstanding Unit selected by the 6th National Production Festival in 2008
Receiving Safety & Health Mark from the Ministry of Health in 2009
Obtaining Outstanding Industrial Unit in nation-wise and provincial (Markazi Province) levels on National Industry & Mine Day in 2010, 2016 and 2017
Efficient and Outstanding Unit selected by the 8th National Production Festival in 2010
Receiving Golden Apple Statue in 2008 and Health Apple Certificate for two products (pomegranate juice and orange juice enriched with calcium and vitamin D), since 2009
Obtaining certificate and statue from the 3rd Festival of Shabestar Health Benefactors in 2010
Receiving title of the Best Company in Food Industry selected by consumers, in 2015
Receiving Golden Statue of Popular Brand in 2013
Obtaining Statue of East Azarbaijan Province Health Benefactors Congress in 2010
Outstanding Unit of the year 2010 on Industry & Mine Day
Selection of Outstanding Quality Control Manager in state level in 2009 and 2018 and in provincial level in 2009, 2011 and 2018
Selection of the best food industries companies (by consumers) in 2012
Receiving Golden Insignia of the State Popular Industrial & Economic Figures, centered on social responsibility, in 2016
Receiving Certificate of Appreciation for Protection from Domestic Production and Services from Made in Iran Conference in July 2017
Receiving Certificate of Appreciation for Protection from Iranian Goods (Made in Iran) from Iran’s Chamber of Commerce and Tehran Province’s Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture in 2018
Outstanding Exporter of Tehran Province in 2019
Outstanding Industrial Unit of Markazi Province (Industry & Mine Day Ceremony) in 2018
Receiving State Safety and Health Insignia (Cloudy- Opaque Appled Juice and Tomato Juice) from Food & Drug Organization in 2018
Certificate of Appreciation and Statue from Head of Markazi Province’s Justice Administration for Production, Support and Removal of Obstacles in July 2021
Receiving Certificate of Appreciation from Kahrizak Sanatorium of Alborz Province
Receiving Statue and Certificate of Appreciation from Saveh University of Medical Sciences for corona-virus patient’s vaccination and follow-up in 2021
Receiving Statue and Certificate from the Country’s Entrepreneurs and Job-Creator Managers Appreciation Ceremony in 2022
Receiving Certificate of Appreciation from Saveh Environment Protection Department in 2021
Receiving Golden Insignia of the 2nd Health Festival in 2021
Receiving Certificate of Appreciation of Outstanding Exporter in 2020
Receiving statue and certificate of the 3rd National Food Health Festival in 2022
Receiving Certificate of Appreciation for Collaboration with Iranian Thalassemia Society
Selection of Sunich Company as the Country’s Outstanding Manufacturer in Congress on Sustainable Presence at Russian Market
Selection of Sunich Company as the Country’s Outstanding Manufacturer in Congress on Sustainable Presence at Russian Market
receiving the title of the best industrial unit in the celebration of the industry and mining day in Markazi Province, in 2023
receiving the plaque and golden statue from the 10th popular brand festival, in 2023
winning the award of national quality of Iran from the national Standard organization of Iran, in 2023
Receiving statue and certificate of the 4rd National Food Health Festival in 2024

Alifard University

A Shade for the Next Generation

Every tree planted makes a shadow so several generations can use this shadow. In every industry, knowledge and experience are like the shadow that must survive forgenerations. This is a value that we believe in it here in Sunich and, based on this belief, we decided to tie our experiences with roots of knowledge and transfer them to the next generation by establishing a university.

For this purpose, Alifard Scientific-Applied University was established in 1998 as the first university center at Savojbolagh City (Hashtgerd).

This center has primarily admitted students in specialized fields of the foodstuff industries. Currently it continues its activity by admitting students in 17 fields for the associate degree program and 9 fields for the bachelor degree program.


17 Fields for the Associate Degree Program:

  1. Professional Associate Degree in Advertisements
  2. Professional Associate Degree in Marketing
  3. Professional Associate Degree in Auditing
  4. Professional Associate Degree in Graphic Design
  5. Professional Associate Degree in Business- Warehousing
  6. Professional Associate Degree in Business Management
  7. Professional Associate Degree in Cost Accounting
  8. Professional Associate Degree in Visual Arts- Photography
  9. Professional Associate Degree in Management- Logistics and Supply Chain
  10. Professional Associate Degree in Sale Techniques
  11. Professional Associate Degree in Computer Networks
  12. Professional Associate Degree in Digital Content Development
  13. Professional Associate Degree in Professional & Technical Safety
  14. Professional Associate Degree in Foodstuffs Quality Contrl
  15. Professional Associate Degree in Laboratorial Chemistry
  16. Professional Associate Degree in Software- Computer Programming
  17. Professional Associate Degree in IT- Internet & Wide Area Network (WAN)

9 Fields for the Bachelor Degree Program:

  1. Professional Bachelor Degree in Business Management
  2. Professional Bachelor Degree in Commercialization Management
  3. Professional Bachelor Degree in Cost Accounting
  4. Professional Bachelor Degree in Health, Safety, Environment (HSE)
  5. Professional Bachelor Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain- Majoring in Business
  6. Content Development & Administration Engineering
  7. IT Engineering- IT
  8. Food Industry Technology Engineering- Confectionary & Chocolate Industry
  9. Packaging Industries Technology Engineering- Agricultural Products

We hope that it would be a constructive step toward making Iran’s food industry more academic and advanced.
For more information, please visit official website of Alifard Company’s Scientific Applied Center.


Social Responsibility

A Burden on Our Shoulders

Every step we take in the world and anything we do will undoubtedly affect the universe and no one knows where this effect will end. And large scale organizations and individuals play a greater role. We are aware of this responsibility and know that, as a large successful organization, we have an important liability. For this reason, during all these years, we attempted to simultaneously think about quality of products and environmental matters and take steps toward our social responsibility. Our concern with these issued cause us to design effective campaigns and take action in line with the environment preservation by Sunich.

Preserving Trees by Omitting Paper Advertisements

Preserving the trees means preserving the life. Aiming at preserving the nature and trees, Sunich is following the “Paperless” strategy in all advertisement activities. In this line, we have tried to use the least amount of paper in all our advertisement and non-advertisement activities.

Environmental Entrepreneurship by Producing Cotton Bags

Plastic is the biggest thread to the environment and it is a responsible attempt to omit it from the humans’ life cycle in order to preserve the nature. Knowing this issue and aiming at creating job for poor families, Sunich has produced cotton bags, so that it is helping these families in addition to preserving the environment.

Purposeful Environmental Education

Education has always been one of the best and effective methods for the environment preservations, because it is common concern of all generations. Thus, Sunich’s priority in the area of the environment preservations is educating the children and it has taken important actions in this area by some projects like training methods of sorting dry and wet garbage, training them on cleaning the environment from garbage and planting trees. Another Sunich’s environmental project which is welcomed by children is training how to plant vegetables in juice pockets and method of Sunich’s paper pockets recycling. These educations are continued and more attractive projects will be offered to children and adolescents.

Cleaning the Environment of Garbage and Plastic

One of the most effective environmental actions taken by Sunich in line with social responsibility is cleaning the country’s northern coasts from garbage. This campaign was begun at Zibakenar, Gisoum, Anzali, Chamkhaleh, Kalchay, Haji Bekandeh and Roudsar costs and continued to Mazandaran Province and Ramsar, Abbasabad, Noshahr and Namakabroud cities. Also, cleaning Sehezar and Sisangan forests from garbage and plastic is of other actions taken by Sunich in order to preserve the environment. These projects are still continued and Sunich intends still keep on cleaning Iran’s beautiful forests and seas.

Using Technology for Saving Water

We all know that factories have a major share in water consumption. Using state-of-the-art technology, Sunich has tried to optimize water consumption at its manufacturing plants as much as practical and also tried to minimize water contamination rate.