7 April, 2024
سالاد میوه

Fruit salad adorning your parties

Is there anyone who does not love fruit? In every season and every time, from the past to the present, fruits have been an inseparable part […]
5 April, 2024
شیک موز و شکلات

How to make chocolate banana shake in 2 easy ways

Chocolate banana shake is a popular and delicious drink that you can enhance with flavorings such as cardamom, cinnamon or vanilla. In addition, if you prepare […]
4 April, 2024
رژیم فستینگ

What is the fasting diet and how does it cause weight loss?

What is fasting diet? Is modern fasting the same as fasting? These days, websites, scientific and medical articles, and cyberspace are filled with supporters and opponents […]
3 April, 2024
اسموتی کرفس

How to prepare celery smoothie for slimming and weight loss

Celery has become a symbol for slimming and weight loss. Weight control is the key to success in maintaining health. To maintain health, you must have […]
24 February, 2024
برای روشن شدن پوست چه بخوریم

What should we eat to lighten the skin?

We all know that an important part of beauty is to have clear and fresh skin. Of course, there are many products for brightening and rejuvenating […]
20 February, 2024
اسموتی های پرتئینی

The recipe for 28 protein smoothies with their benefits (part 2)

Strawberry protein smoothie and Icelandic yogurt This smoothie is an energizing combination; therefore, it is great to consume it in the breakfast. In addition, when you […]
20 February, 2024
اسموتی برای صبحانه

A variety of smoothies for breakfast and to have an energetic day

There are many ways to prepare smoothies, but if you are looking for a variety of smoothies for breakfast, it is better to choose healthier and […]
19 February, 2024
اسموتی پروتئین

The recipe for 28 protein smoothies with their benefits (part one)

Protein smoothies are a type of protein drink that helps building muscle, improve muscle function, and repair damaged muscles. In addition, consuming protein in a proper […]
14 February, 2024
طرز تهیه شکلات گلاسه

How to prepare Glazed chocolate with the role of a famous superstar; Chocolate

If you don’t know how to make Glazed chocolate, don’t worry at all because you are going to experience the best way to make it in […]
12 January, 2024

Prepration sour smoothies, tastes which you have not experienced them

Often when we hear the name smoothie, a sweet drink comes to our mind, but you should know that smoothies can be not sweet; For example, […]