13 March, 2023
Advantages of the Orange Juice

Incredible Advantages of the Orange Juice for Health and Body

6 Advantages of the Orange Juice that You Didn’t Know Drinking a glass of cold orange juice on a summer evening at the beach or drinking […]
13 March, 2023

Kinds of Syrups and Introducing the Most Used Coffee Shop Syrups

Syrup is a thick and sweet liquid with a smooth and shiny texture which is to be used for sweetening of drinks, cakes, puddings and various […]
5 March, 2023

Recipe for Kinds of Winter Smoothies

Winter is the season of inactivity! It gets dark soon and people catch cold more often. But there are some stuffs that help us to have […]
5 March, 2023

Recipe for Kinds of Diet Smoothies with Pomegranate

Pomegranate has anti-cancer properties and is useful for the heart and kidneys. It is a good source of some nutrients, antioxidants, organic acids and bioactive compounds. […]
4 March, 2023

Premiere ideas introduced in the 1st Start-up Event of Beverage Industry

Through collaboration between Alifard Scientific-Applied Education Center and Alifard Company, the 1st start-up acceleration event in beverage industry was held on Wednesday, June 1st, at Evin […]
4 March, 2023

Celebration of Alifard Company at the National Food Health Festival

Alifard Company (Sunich) received the Statue for the 3rd National Food Health Festival held in the presence and attendance of members of the Scientific Council, Ministry […]
11 October, 2022

Celebration Ceremony for Alifard Company at Customer Satisfaction Conference

Alifard Company received Statue and Certificate of Appreciation for Customer Satisfaction with an Attitude toward Customer-Orientation at the 9th Nationwide Customer Satisfaction Conference which is annually […]
10 December, 2018

Everything you need to know about coconut water

21 July, 2018

Ice tea; A drink for all seasons

21 June, 2018

Get to know the helpful juices