Sunich is not just a name!

Sunich is the memory of years, the memory that have formed many pages in the book of our lives, from crowded parties to unaccompanied walking under the rain, everywhere you look you see the footprint of Sunich … But it wasn’t you who needed us in those moments … It was us who needed to be with you anytime and anywhere … For you, we don’t know where it started; but for us, everything started with an orange!

An orange named Sunich! It came to your tables to become a new color in the colorful sea of your life … But the story did not end here and the orange became a big family whose color is everywhere in all of our lives.


Our Story

Sometimes some tastes and brands become part of historical memory of generations. Sunich, with several years of experience, is honored to stand by different generations during all years and it is a taste that has remained in minds of these generations. The story of establishment of Sunich goes back to the year 1977. In this year, the first Sunich Factory was established at Kaveh Industrial Town, located at Saveh City, by Haj Hossein Alizad. Expanding scope of the products and activities of Alifard Group, the second Sunich Factory was operated in Firouzkouh City. To enhance the quality of its products, Sunich has used the state-of-art technologies and the most advanced equipment for commissioning of this factory. During such a long journey which was full of experiences, Sunich has had many milestones, and today Sunich’s products are imported to all five continents.