Sunich Mixology;
Mocktails for All Seasons

Sunich mixology is the art of mixing flavors. Sunich mixology is the art of blending flavors. By providing a diverse selection of juices and syrups, Sunich gives you a unique opportunity to introduce your guests to the creative and exciting world of mocktails, whether you are entertaining at home or in cafes and restaurants.
In this series, you can try 35 easy to make mocktails using Sunich products and experience new flavors with a sense of freshness. All you have to do is get started. Prepare the ingredients and mix a delicious mocktail to surprise your guests using either mixology tools or just the simplest tools you have in your kitchen.
Every season calls for its own special beverage. In this collection, we offer a special mocktail suitable for that special season. We wish you an enjoyable Nowruz and Yalda night with Sunich mocktails this year.


For many readers, mocktails will be a passing fancy-a one party stand-and there's nothing wrong with that. If this is what you are doing you'll probably find all the equipment you need already in your home. You can use ordinary kitchen tools and utensils to create almost and mocktail.
For those who wish to make mixology a little more seriously, it's worth getting a few accessories that will make the task more enjoyable and certainly enhance your reputation as a host. Always buy good quality equipment. They should look good, feel good and do the job for which they are designed. Here's a short list of items the budding home bartender would need.

Juice Squeezer
Bar Spoon

It is used for grinding and crushing mocktail’s raw materials (ingredients).

Sharp Knife
Flavored Syrup

It is used for separating ice and fruits from the resulted mocktail after shaking.


With this double-sided scale, you can measure different amounts of juice and syrup to pour in a glass or a shaker.

Water Pitcher
Ice Bucket

You can easily blend the ingredients in a shaker. Shakers have a wide range of types. If you do not find the right shaker, you can also use a simple jam glass jar.